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Journal & Magazine Covers


Hedges, S. B. and L. L. Poling. 1999. A molecular phylogeny of reptiles. Science 283:998-1001.

Proceedings of The Royal Society

van Tuinen, M., D. B. Butvill, J. A. W. Kirsch, and S. B. Hedges. 2001. Convergence and divergence in the evolution of aquatic birds. Proc. Roy. Soc. London B268: 1345-1350.

Trends in Genetics

Hedges, S. B., and S. Kumar. 2003. Genomic clocks and evolutionary timescales. Trends in Genetics 19:200-206.


O'Brien, S. J., J. F. Eisenberg, M. Miyamoto, S. B. Hedges, S. Kumar, and D. E. Wilson. 1999. Comparative genomics: mammalian radiations. Genome Maps 10 (phylogenetic tree). Science 286:463-478.

National Graphic

Zimmer, C. 2001. How old is... National Geographic 2001(9):78-101. (An article about how all types of things are dated; the molecular clock research of the Hedges Lab is featured on page 94).

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Heinicke, M. P., W. E. Duellman, and S. B. Hedges.  2007.  Major Caribbean and Central American frog faunas originated by ancient oceanic dispersal. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 104:10092-10097.

Cover photos from journals with News & Views by SBH (highlighted on cover):


Hedges, S. B., and S. Kumar. 2002. Vertebrate genomes compared. Science 297:1283-1285. (A Perspective article about the research of Aparicio et al. who reported the complete genome of a fish, the Fugu.)


Hedges, S. Blair. 2000. A start for population genomics. Nature 408:652-653. (A News & Views article about the research of Ingman et al. on the origin of modern humans from mitochondrial genome variation.)

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